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Hip hop & rap music are good for refining theories of cultural production. > Both are also good for examining processes of legitimation and authenticity. > I deal with hip hop practitioners in the field of restricted production. > I show 2 forms of aesthetic legitimation ( local vs. translocal authentication ).
‘The truth may be bitter, but it must be told’. The Situation of Refugees in the Aegean and the Practices of the Greek Coast Guard.
Between 12th July and 14th August 2007, a delegation from PRO ASYL undertook a fact-finding mission in order to examine the circumstances in the area. During the trip PRO ASYL was accompanied and supported by the Group of Lawyers for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants. The focus of our research was access to the Greek territory, reception and detention conditions of newly arrived refugees on the islands of Chios, Samos and Lesbos and the particular situation of minors. The research trip included a visit to the Greek detention centres (Special Holding Facilities for Aliens) in Chios, Samos-City and Mitilini and interviews with refugees, officials in charge from the local authorities, representatives of the coast guard and representatives of human rights groups from the islands in question and from Athens and Patras.
Below you can search the La Strada documentation center.
The Ultimate Guide to Gay Friendly Travel in Greece.
Gay & Lesbian Nightlife.
Other than the plentiful offering of gay bars and nightclubs, you will be able to find gay hotels, gay saunas and gyms, gay-friendly beaches, nudist beaches and gay cruising zones. Gay prostitution was also made legal in 2006, with the legal age of consent being 17.
Greece is one of the most accepting countries for LBGT travel � but you have to know where to travel for the ultimate holiday experience. The following guide looks at the best destinations to travel to, LGBT rights and travel tips for first time LGBT travellers.
Gay culture in the Greek islands is rich and exciting. Famed for the Gazi gay village in Athens and the capital�s annual Gay Pride, the country in certainly more socially advanced than say, some of its neighbouring countries.
Since homosexuality was decriminalised in 1951, the country has embraced the gay lifestyle and many travellers cite Greece as a top destination for LGBT travel. Here are some of the best Greek destinations for gay couples or gay singles.
Head to Lera Odos Street and Megalou Alexandrou Street if you�re looking for a lively bar scene. Here you will find some of Athens� busiest night clubs too and once you�re in, you�ll find the clubs to be both exciting and entertaining. Some popular venues to visit include Eight Sin Bar, Magaze Bar on Aiolou Street and Sodade 2 Nightclub on Triptolemou Street.
Athens is also well known for its specialist gay hotels and saunas. If you�re looking for a relaxing sauna that is also gay friendly, some of our top recommendations are Alexander Sauna on Alexandrou Road or Flex Sauna Gym on Polikltou Road.
You will find many gay bars in the centre of town and an area known as Little Venice is a great starting point for your night out. Elysium Gay Sunset Bar is a hugely popular venue and offers a superb atmosphere, GLAM Mykonos is the island�s biggest gay bar, and Jackie O on the waterfront is one of the newest, hippest bars in town. But these are just a small handful of venues; the choice is truly endless and for those who want to carry on the night at an after-party, you will find many out of town exclusive parties made for the younger crowds.
Although none of the beaches on Mykonos Island are exclusively gay, there are many gay friendly beaches to choose from. Welcome to all gay and lesbian crowds, beaches such as Elia, Super Paradise and Paranga are some of the best places to bathe. You will also be able to find beaches with nudist areas and all of these beaches are blessed with soft sands and plenty of surrounding beach bars and restaurants.
Mykonos is a truly glam location, and events are aplenty throughout the year. If you want to plan your holiday around a gay friendly event, be sure to check out the Mr Gay Greece Pageant at the end of June or the Elysium Annual Pool Party hosted for the gay crowds every August.
Mitilini is relatively untouched by the footfall of tourism compared to other Greek islands so it�s most certainly one of the country�s best kept secrets. But with enough cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs to hold its own, any LGBT traveller coming to Mitilini will not be disappointed. Head to the waterfront where the life and soul of the party manifests itself after dark. Skala Eressos offers a number of bars and music venues and the sophisticated crowds often spill out onto the beaches to drink to the sunset.
The island once held a soiled reputation for its loud, lewd and aggressive British crowds but it has since recovered from the undeserved tarnishing and regained its serene, sophisticated status. The lesbian scene has progressed significantly and now there are many fine establishments suitable for both lesbian couples and lesbian singles. Be sure to visit lesbian-run bar, The Tenth Muse for a great atmosphere and some wonderful people watching.

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